A safe place for kids to explore and grow after school

A safe place for kids to explore and grow after school

Although 12-year compulsory education was implemented in Taiwan in 1968, there is still a learning gap between those families that “have” and those families that “have not”.  P3 Zone is an attempt to narrow and close this gap for our disadvantaged children.

In these centers, children have the opportunities to get attached to adults (and peers) that cares about them, provide them with the nurturance that they need, support them during difficult times, work with them to overcome life challenges, learn life skills, develop autonomy and self-regulations, and expect them to grow up to become successful and contributing citizens.


Our Approach

A whole child approach is taken under an ecological perspective with a positive youth development orientation.  Activities are provided to allow children time, space, and opportunities to explore their multiple intelligences, and develop the 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaborations, communication, creativity; as well as life skills, information, media & technology skills), that are so essential to their future successes.  Learning is believed to be a life-long process, thus activities are planned and set up so that children are motivated to learn, and in the process they will develop self-efficacy in learning, and perceive that learning is fun. Learning is also in doing, thus our activities are hands on, with the children participating in every step of the learning process, including brainstorming, planning, execution, evaluation, presentation and future extensions. While at the same time, social emotional learning is also emphasized.


Target Population: Children from Disadvantaged families, including low-income, single family households.

Operation Hours

12:30-18:00 pm, Monday to Friday, during school semester Half day/ whole day services are provided at selected schools during semester break when need is demonstrated

We Provide


To develop self-regulation in children as they learn to manage their time and learning strategies to complete their homework.

Healthy snacks

To bridge the hungry hours before dinnertime, and slip in a little extra nutrition for their growing needs.

Multiple Intelligence

Tapping into children’s multiple intelligence by providing a variety of different activities for children to explore and investigate and develop their own talents.

Family Time

Conducting theme based projects according to the children’s interests to enhance the development of their skills on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. 

Our Locations

Elementary school is the starting point of the 12-year compulsory education, and a central place for learning and living for children and their families. In collaboration with the 32 elementary schools in Taoyuan City, the P3 Zone afterschool child development centers are set up within these schools. Being at these locations, the foundation not only is able to interact with school teachers, parents; but have the access to connect with the surrounding community as well. This wholesome unity allows us the opportunity to leverage in the community resources, and together in joint effort we can even better foster the growth and development of our children’s unique talents and abilities.

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