• 1996 HLH Foundation founded

    Huang Lieh-Ho Social Welfare Foundation was established at Pushin-ranch, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City in 1996. The motto and vision of the foundation is “Leading a Good Life & Building a Harmonious Society.”

  • 2001 Moved to Zhongli District

    In order to be closer to the populations we served, the foundation was moved to Zhongli District, Taoyuan City.


  • Authorized by Taoyuan County government to recruit volunteer.

    Authorized by Taoyuan County government to recruit volunteer.

  • Set up a picture book library (Closed in 2019)

    Set up a picture book library at the foundation site to lend out books for families to share and read at home. We also recruited and trained volunteers to support the library’s operation. Regular dramatic play and interactions of the stories were performed to share good stories with children and their parents.

  • Initiated the “Amazing Story Train” tour (Ended in 2014)

    We took the concept of the picture book library and launched the “Amazing Story Train” tour. In collaboration with several elementary school sites in remote areas, the foundation engaged them in a one month long reading project. The children were entertained with a full show, including complete props, lighting, animation and stage set ups to provide children with the acting out of the stories they had just read.

  • The Papa’s Pad was launched

    We realized these children needed more attention than what we were delivering. Their parents worked long hours, they needed more attention. Therefore, we launched the P3 Zone project in 2013, and set up after school child development centers. This service also intends to reduce family stress, since parents can better manage their time between home and work, and spend more meaningful time with their children.

  • Restructure the Elderly Academy into Silver Fox Clubs

    The formerly Elderly Academy was restructured into the Silver Fox Clubs in 2016. This new structure provides more autonomy to the club members. With this change, members can directly cater the programs to fit their developing interests and hobbies.  Under this structure, the foundation provides space and needed equipments for each Silver Fox club, but these clubs have full autonomy in management and decision making. New club can be formed any time as long as there are 10 or more members.

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