The vision for the HLH foundation is:
Life in Fulfillment, Society in Harmony!

Providing safe havens in our P3 Zones for our future citizens so that they can explore their multiple intelligences, develop their self-confidences, build their 21st century skills, and become responsible, compassionate, productive citizens.  At the same time, the foundation also provides a setting and a stage for our retired folks to continue to explore their interests, to connect with each other as well as other communities in the society. Through exhibitions of their artistic expressions and performances to show off their talents, they can continue to contribute to the society and bring happiness and fulfillment to themselves and others.


The organization structure of HLH foundation consists of six major departments:

Finance, Administration, Public Relations, Youth services, Senior Services, and Education Resource Center.  The foundation is under the guidance of the board of directors, the chairman of the board, and the chief executive officer.

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Board of Directors

Chairman Director Jun-Yuan Ke
Managing Directors  Yi-Zong Su、Long-Teng Li、Qi-Tai Kuo、Cheng-Yang Huang、Yi-ming Huang、Huang,Richard、Dao-Yuan Lin
Chief Financial Director Sung-Po Tsai
Auditors Jun-Sheng Huang、Han-Yun Zhang、Chang,Fandra Fung-Singq

Directors of Divisions

Yu-Lin Hsieh

Chief Executive Officer
Ph. D. in Educational Psychology, University of Southern California

Shu-Ya Chiang

Foundation Director
Master Degree in Arts and Crafts Education, National Hsinchu University of Education

Sung-Po Tsai

Chief Financial Officer
Director of Jiayi Investment Company

Nancy Chiu

Supervisor, Division of Youth Services
Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Fu Jen Catholic University

Chiu Hsia Wu

Chief, Division of Finance
Bachelor Degree in Advertising, Chinese Culture University

Guang-Yuh Lin

Supervisor, Division of Senior Services
Former Operations Supervisor at Pushin-ranch 

Grace Chuang

Chief, Division of Administration
Master Degree in Chinese Language and Literature, National Taitung University